Not sure how fond I am of this write very different style to my usual but here it is anyways be kind lol


We use to be so close what happened to that,
I thought we were even making progress,
Started talking about emotions to imagine that,
I tried so hard to be something I’m not,
I wanted you to be happy you must no that,
But it didn’t work you still seemed disappointment,
What more could I do I couldn’t change that,
I just can’t measure up and I don’t think I ever will,
So much time was stolen from me you new that,
I’m having to start all over again from scratch,
Who what and where and then where to go from that,
All I ever wanted was for you to be proud of me,
And that
You accepted me for who I was warts and all,
Unfortunately I don’t feel you feel like that,
I’ve felt under valued unappreciated and unnoticed,
For a very very long time and that’s a fact that,
I cant speak to you, you don’t seem to hear my words,
I don’t no if choose to do that,
Or if you simply don’t understand what I’m telling you,
But I cannot continue to live disconnected like that,
Surely your the one person that should no me,
Yet were unable to communicate and I hate that,
I hate that we don’t talk now,
I hate that we don’t laugh now,
I hate that we don’t gossip now,
I hate that we don’t joke now,
I hate that we don’t go out now,
I hate that we don’t talk now,
The phone is silent no other calls or text really Matter,
I race to the phone but your names not there, I no that,
This bitter battle of stubbornness is so cold it hurts,
Do you feel that? I wonder Can you feel it to? that?
Expressinon of a wish or even a regret,
You no that, that is known, or understood, that,
That referring to a specific thing or heard by the speaker,
Or that, that used to identify something that,
That you no that, that, that feeling that, that.
Do you feel that, that feeling to I wonder if you do.
That we shouldn’t be like this, that
things were said that shouldn’t have been, that
Venomous words hurt when spat, that
We should have talked communicated, that
This silence is outrageous and resolves nothing, that
Change can happen and we should change this, that is what that I mean, that past tense that, should be replaced with a present tense that.

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