It’s back my chronic companion Returns
Not sure how fond I am of this write very different style to my usual genre. #experimenting

Well look whos back again
My old compardra
My closest companion chronic pain
What a lovely way to see in the new year
And spend new year’s Day
Alone rolling around the bed
Unfortunately in agony
How romantic I bet it said
Maybe it is all in my head
My imagination running wild
Shame it’s come up with something I dread
Why can’t it just leave me alone
Is it intent on constantly reappearing
Till it’s isolated me from everything
and everyone one I’ve known
Maybe I don’t want to be alone
Maybe I don’t want to be stuck in my head
Listening to all the negative things it’s said
I just want to be free,
free of the pain and misery
It teased me for a time
I thought it had said it’s goodbyes
But like a predator
It just allowed me enough time to recover
So It wouldn’t all be ended and my casket buried
Before it pounced like a panther
And it sunk it’s teeth in
right next to my gugular
Its not finished with me yet
like it would grant me a quick painless death
Why won’t it just leave me be
or do the kind thing and put me out of my misery
Surely I’ve done my time served my servitude
Paid my pennants for whatever crime
Will it not be satisfied till it spills my blood
Or has me hung drawn and quartered
In one last final act of vengance
To inflict the ultimate pain on my broken body
Must I scream like William Wallace for freedom
Will it then relent and show me mercy
I think not, I think it thrives on my cries
Like a psychopath It smiles at my demise
I bet it loves to just sit and watch
Yes it’s back again
But this time I don’t think it sees the need for a reprieve,
this time it’s never leaving it’s not stopping
Because it has no plans on ever getting going or being gone.
Obviously I’ve got a lifers debt left owing,
it would no doubt say sniggering.

Copyright © Sarah Cope | Year Posted 2022
Author | #IwriteItAll

4 thoughts on “It’s back my chronic companion Returns

  1. I have to admit, I really felt this one. I had my lap in November and this was my first and ultimately led to the endo diagnosis. But the past few days have felt like the pain I experienced prior to the op. I was hoping for relief for longer but just like you, endo proves to be relentless. I really hope you get some relief. x

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    1. I’m so sorry jade try not to loose hope it could just be a a breakthrough flare up that will settle itself down, also remember you are fragile at getting scared or upset to the slightest pain in the same area that’s similar I swear I’ve got PTSD from the years of agony the slightest thing my brain goes into overdrive and pure panic, are you due would you be ovulating (Sorry to be so personal) I would still get pain after my laparoscopies when I would be due to ovulate this is also my most painful time for flaring to, I didn’t realize that although my periods had been completely stopped for years every month I would still ovulate my new consultant put me on the pill ontop of my depo just before my last laparoscopic surgery to completely stop any ovulating this really helped even presurgery. If it is back then it’s back Hun but you can have more surgeries and trials are currently being run in Edinburgh which are providing successful in finding a cure if it is this will roll out NATIONWIDE be ready because when it does they will only take so many test subjects on so keep a close eye out on the trial to get yourself on that list when it hits the rest of the country. Sending love X p.s glad you could relate to the poem X

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      1. Thank you. Honestly since they put me on desogestrel I have lost track of where my cycle would be. I am hoping its just a min flare up or it could be that I am still healing internally from the surgery. I have my follow up next month so we will see how that goes. I will keep an eye out for trials hitting the rest of the country (I am in Birmingham). Stay well xx

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      2. Ah your just up the road from me, if you aren’t successful there is an AMAZING consultant who I’ve started seeing called Dr Kaloo based in Cheltenham he is the guy you get sent to when all else has failed apparently and he’s been an absolute godsend 16 years I’ve been battling with the last spell being the worst and longest stretch of daily pain and it’s only since his intervention I’ve not had chronic pain every single day as your up the road I would definitely definitely look at getting on his waiting list because it’s a long one he also doesn’t just discharge you he stays and works with you. Stay safe and 🤞 pain free ❤️

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