February thread of daily fun facts

This blog post will hold all the videos of the daily fun facts posted throughout the month of February.

February 1st Today’s Daily fun fact! number 1
February 2nd today’s daily fun fact 2
February 3rd Today’s daily fun fact 3
February 4th Today’s daily fun fact 4
February 5th Today’s daily fun fact 5
February 6th Today’s daily fun fact 6
February 7th Today’s fun snap fact 7

Oops we missed one February 8th no fun snap 😔 fact 8

February 9th Today’s fun snap fact 9

February 10th Today’s fun snap fact 10

February 11th Today’s fun snap fact 11
February 12th Today’s fun snap fact 12
February 13th Today’s fun snap fact 13
February 14th Today’s daily fun snap fact 14
February 15th Today’s daily fun snap fact 15
16th February Today’s daily fun snap fact 16
17th February Today’s Daily fun snap facts 17
18th February Today’s Daily fun snap fact 18
19th February Today’s daily fun snap fact 19
20th February Today’s daily fun snap fact 20
21st February Today’s daily fun snap fact 21

Oooops no fun fact today 😔 22nd February fact 22

23rd February Today’s daily fun snap fact 23
24th February Today’s daily fun snap fact 25
25th February Today’s daily fun snap fact 26
26th February Today’s daily snap fact 26
27th February Today’s daily fun snap fact 27
28th February Today’s daily fun snap fact 28th

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It’s back my chronic companion Returns

It’s back my chronic companion Returns
Not sure how fond I am of this write very different style to my usual genre. #experimenting

Well look whos back again
My old compardra
My closest companion chronic pain
What a lovely way to see in the new year
And spend new year’s Day
Alone rolling around the bed
Unfortunately in agony
How romantic I bet it said
Maybe it is all in my head
My imagination running wild
Shame it’s come up with something I dread
Why can’t it just leave me alone
Is it intent on constantly reappearing
Till it’s isolated me from everything
and everyone one I’ve known
Maybe I don’t want to be alone
Maybe I don’t want to be stuck in my head
Listening to all the negative things it’s said
I just want to be free,
free of the pain and misery
It teased me for a time
I thought it had said it’s goodbyes
But like a predator
It just allowed me enough time to recover
So It wouldn’t all be ended and my casket buried
Before it pounced like a panther
And it sunk it’s teeth in
right next to my gugular
Its not finished with me yet
like it would grant me a quick painless death
Why won’t it just leave me be
or do the kind thing and put me out of my misery
Surely I’ve done my time served my servitude
Paid my pennants for whatever crime
Will it not be satisfied till it spills my blood
Or has me hung drawn and quartered
In one last final act of vengance
To inflict the ultimate pain on my broken body
Must I scream like William Wallace for freedom
Will it then relent and show me mercy
I think not, I think it thrives on my cries
Like a psychopath It smiles at my demise
I bet it loves to just sit and watch
Yes it’s back again
But this time I don’t think it sees the need for a reprieve,
this time it’s never leaving it’s not stopping
Because it has no plans on ever getting going or being gone.
Obviously I’ve got a lifers debt left owing,
it would no doubt say sniggering.

Copyright © Sarah Cope | Year Posted 2022
Author | #IwriteItAll

Valentine’s Day

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Not sure how fond I am of this write very different style to my usual but here it is anyways be kind lol


We use to be so close what happened to that,
I thought we were even making progress,
Started talking about emotions to imagine that,
I tried so hard to be something I’m not,
I wanted you to be happy you must no that,
But it didn’t work you still seemed disappointment,
What more could I do I couldn’t change that,
I just can’t measure up and I don’t think I ever will,
So much time was stolen from me you new that,
I’m having to start all over again from scratch,
Who what and where and then where to go from that,
All I ever wanted was for you to be proud of me,
And that
You accepted me for who I was warts and all,
Unfortunately I don’t feel you feel like that,
I’ve felt under valued unappreciated and unnoticed,
For a very very long time and that’s a fact that,
I cant speak to you, you don’t seem to hear my words,
I don’t no if choose to do that,
Or if you simply don’t understand what I’m telling you,
But I cannot continue to live disconnected like that,
Surely your the one person that should no me,
Yet were unable to communicate and I hate that,
I hate that we don’t talk now,
I hate that we don’t laugh now,
I hate that we don’t gossip now,
I hate that we don’t joke now,
I hate that we don’t go out now,
I hate that we don’t talk now,
The phone is silent no other calls or text really Matter,
I race to the phone but your names not there, I no that,
This bitter battle of stubbornness is so cold it hurts,
Do you feel that? I wonder Can you feel it to? that?
Expressinon of a wish or even a regret,
You no that, that is known, or understood, that,
That referring to a specific thing or heard by the speaker,
Or that, that used to identify something that,
That you no that, that, that feeling that, that.
Do you feel that, that feeling to I wonder if you do.
That we shouldn’t be like this, that
things were said that shouldn’t have been, that
Venomous words hurt when spat, that
We should have talked communicated, that
This silence is outrageous and resolves nothing, that
Change can happen and we should change this, that is what that I mean, that past tense that, should be replaced with a present tense that.

January fun facts

Back by popular demand the return of daily fun facts will begin the 2nd January, facts will be added to this blog page daily so remember to check in each day to find out the daily fun fact.

This is the last daily fun fact on this thread for January tomorrow we start a whole new thread for February so stay tuned for the new thread to begin tomorrow, and to end the thread we have a proka of a fun fact for ya.

Christmas traditions

Just a little rhyme to pay tribute to a favourite Christmas tradition of mine, do you guys have any make up a little rhyme to pay tribute to your Christmas traditions lets see what everybody does year in and year out.

Christmas day soup 🍲😌       

Christmas has been it’s done,
The new year is on the horizon,
But There’s still a special suprise
Who knows when it will arrive
The elves have gone to play
And Santa’s snoring away
It’s not the chocolates sweets or treats
But I can guarantee you’ll want a piece
It’s better than the rum, wine or beer
And fills the dull lull between Xmas and new year,
Unfortunately it only comes but once a year
It’s A bowl of goodness to help you recoup
It’s of course moms marvelous Christmas day soup.                                                                                            

Made by the wonderful Wendy Cope                                 #christmastraditions #christmastreats

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Septembers Daily fun facts

Been a bit lacks a daisy recently but your
DAILY FACTS ARE BACK!!! and kick starting it is this safety first fact.
#19 a lite candle causes more than 15000 house fires a year, in fact accidental candle fires account for more than approximately 4% of USA house fires so remember to blow that sucker out.

#20 if you wear a ring the number of germs living beneath it could be as high as the entire population of Europe approximately 730 million.yikes, bacteria and moisture gets trapped under the ring and combined with the warmth of your body causes a breading ground for bacteria #YUK

#21 Daily fun fact. More than 7000 people die annually from doctor’s bad handwriting it’s a chilling statistic but according to a July 2006 report from the national academies of science institute of medicine preventable medication mistakes also injure more than 1.5 million Americans annually.

#22 king Tut’s parents were recently confirmed to be siblings DNA taken from the mummified remains of Tut’s mother reveled her to be Tut’s mother and sister to Tut’s father. Talk about keeping it in the family.

#23 Ambulophobia is the fear of walking often linked to a traumatic event, suffers may develop a sensation of falling when they try to stand, people with ambilaphobia will often keep things close or nearby to avoid standing or moving.

#24 Xylophigia is a form of the eating disorder pica people with the disorder will consume substances such as, paper, pencils, tree bark or other items.

#25 The Massachusetts registry of driver and motor vehicles allowed a woman named Lindsey Miller to wear a metal collinder on her head in her driver’s license photo after she declared it was part of her religion, a commited pastafarian she belongs to the church of the flying spaghetti monster 🤷🤦 really!!!!!!
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#26 scientists have discovered Atomik a brand of vodka made from grain grown in the Ukrainian and using ground water from just south of the chernobyl power plant has passed radioactive safety tests and is “apparently” safe for consumption, despite the tongue and cheek name the vodka can be consumed.
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#27 over the last century IQs have risen by 24 points so on average every generation of children is smarter than all those who came before.
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#28 Melbourne Is Closer To Antarctica Than It Is To Darwin
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#29 Daily fun facts
Dragonflies are the most effective hunter on the planet catching 95% of the prey they go after. Follow us #iwriteitall @i_write_it_all

#31 The first known vending machine was created in the 1st century AD and it was invented by a man named Hero Alexandria in the first century. Hero Alexandria, a Greek engineer and mathematician, created a machine that accepted a coin, before dispensing holy water. Follow us #iwriteitall @i_write_it_all


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